Revenge Porn Conviction (the part where I was on TV)

6621216_GWhen Kevin Bollaert was convicted for running a Revenge Porn site (no … he wasn’t!) in early February, KUSI News San Diego called me for an interview. My info was sketchy – reports that he was convicted for extortion and identity theft, usually accompanied by wrong statements (again) that Bollaert was busted for running a revenge porn site. Of course, the site itself would be immune from liability for user-generated content per the CDA §230. So it must have been the part where the poor victims whose private photos ended up on the site could get them removed for a modest fee; and the part where Bollaert solicited private information from the perps regarding the victims.

Anyway … the news truck came down and I yakked at them for 20 minutes or so. They kept the “Just be careful,” advice. I supposed it plays better on TV than where I advised, “Be alert; be vigilant; be circumspect; be judicious.” (That was a little experiment for my own personal edification.)

And reporter Kristen Cusato paid attention and absorbed and pretty much got it right. Which was refreshing compared to the other reports saying the conviction was for running the website itself (see above).

I’ll embed the video at some point. Meanwhile, > Here’s a Link