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T.C. Johnston, LL.M.

T.C. Johnston is a civil litigation and transactional attorney based in San Diego with a practice emphasizing Internet and technology, business litigation and consulting, intellectual property, and corporate law and formation.

Virtually or in person, this is the office to turn to if you are a businessperson needing legal help with Internet and technology issues such as: cybersquatting and typosquatting; trademarks and trademark/service mark disputes; domain name disputes; copyrights and copyright disputes; general cyberlaw; the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA); Internet torts and privacy; the Communications Decency Act (CDA); CPA networks and affiliate marketing; Internet startups; licensing, contracts, website terms of use, privacy policies and EULAs; and all the other issues arising in this wild new cyber world.


T.C. Johnston, LL.M.
Internet Law

3245 University Ave.,
Suite 1245
San Diego, CA  92104
fax 619.446-6756