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T.C. Johnston, LL.M.

Serving Your TechLaw Needs Since 2005

T.C. Johnston is a civil litigation and transactional attorney based in San Diego with a practice emphasizing Internet and technology, business litigation and consulting, contract review and drafting, intellectual property, and corporate law and formation.

This virtual law office is where businesses turn for legal help with Internet and technology issues such as: online business disputes; general cyberlaw consulting; cybersquatting and typosquatting; trademarks and trademark/service mark disputes; domain name disputes; copyrights and copyright disputes; the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA); Internet torts and privacy; the Communications Decency Act (CDA §230); defamation and First Amendment issues; advertising networks and affiliate marketing; Internet startups; licensing, contracts, website terms of use, privacy policies and EULAs; bitcoin and alternative currencies; and all the other issues arising in a still rapidly changing technological landscape.


T.C. Johnston, LL.M.
Internet Law

3245 University Ave.,
Suite 1245
San Diego, CA  92104
fax 619.446-6756