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Unbundled Law - A Brave New World

Our Philosophy

The majority of our clients are entrepreneurs. Like us. That means that we like to do things ourselves. This office embraces that notion because it reduces both your cost, and our time. Unlike some larger firms, we put you — the client — to work, because every minute you put into your matter saves you money, and makes our job easier.

You know the facts; you know the details; you have all the information. And quite often you can do a good first draft of a document related to your issue. All you may really need is some guidance and a person with an "esq." following his or her name.

What is Unbundled Law?

Unbundling has been variously termed "discrete task representation," "limited representation," and "partial representation." But each phrase refers to the idea of an attorney being hired to undertake limited, and defined tasks for the client.

CATEGORIES: The general categories of unbundling include:

  1. Advice and counsel;
  2. Limited court or administrative appearances;
  3. Assistance with documents and pleadings.

REGISTRATIONS and FILINGS: If you need a copyright, a trademark, or to file an ICANN domain name dispute, we can send you in to the appropriate source, and you can fill out the form(s). We'll review them to determine whether they are adequate for the intended purpose. We'll punch them up with legal references as needed.

CONTRACTS: If you need a contract — take a shot at drafting it. We can make it enforceable and work out the details.

COURT APPEARANCES: We can appear on your behalf in some Southern California court appearances. Whether limited court appearance is appropriate or necessary depends on the circumstances of your case, and would need to be addressed on an individualized basis.

LAWSUITS AND OTHER CLAIMS: We are fully prepared to mount complete representation of your matters. When bringing a lawsuit, it is generally advisable to have counsel, as there are many rules to follow and procedural issues to consider. However, if you are determined to represent yourself, we can help with discrete tasks, general advice, "ghost-writing," and "brief punching."

Helpful Hints for Working-Up Your Case

  • Write it down: All the facts from start to present, preferably in a digital format.
  • Keep a Timeline: Keep notes on what you want to accomplish, who you have spoken with or written to, and what has happened.
  • Save Everything: All receipts, documents, notes, letters, etc. relating to your claim should be saved in a file that it easily accessible.

Some Pithy Bits

  • Almost nobody calls their lawyer when they’re having a good day. It's a curse of the profession, but we've gotten used to it.
  • Many people like to be able to say "talk to my lawyer" when it's really necessary. That's us.


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