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Attorney Consults & California Subpoenas

Internet Law Consultations

At times attorneys representing online businesses find themselves bogged down by the technology, jargon, and unique legal issues that cyberspace can bring to an otherwise typical case.

We have provided general consultations on Internet Law issues for varied law firms and attorneys, including: family law attorneys regarding ownership and division of online assets; probate estates regarding intellectual property assets; small firms and solos needing a quick primer on particular Internet-related issues; attorneys dealing with issues related to online advertising and search engines, online contracting, cloud applications, data transfer, domain registrars and ISPs; and other issues related to online business that require knowledge beyond that of many attorneys.

California Subpoenas for Out-of-State Cases

There are a lot of major Internet and tech companies in California.  Google, Yahoo!, and eBay come to mind. Indeed, there are a lot of companies period.   If you are an attorney from another state, you may have a need to subpoena records pertaining to your matter from a California company.

Recent California legislation has made it much easier to do so.  California Code of Civil Procedure §2029 et seq. allows this office to subpoena a California party on your behalf for your out-of-state case.  This simplified procedure resolves jurisdictional problems and dispenses with outmoded procedures.  And it works.

We keep our rates reasonable for attorneys too.  Please feel free to contact this office for more information.

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