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EULAs: End User License Agreements

This website does not actually need a EULA. We do not have software to download, and only offer information, some of which is provided by third parties and disclaimed elsewhere.

However, if your website involves membership, sign-ups, subscriptions, fees, etc., or requires the download of proprietary or otherwise protected software, you are going to want a EULA. A moderately simple "click-wrap" agreement is common, and generally enforceable.

We can help you in that regard, from drafting full agreements, to clean-up, editing and doctoring/punching your work. We strive to do so without burying your client in too much legal mumbo-jumbo: just plain language.

This comes as part of our belief that the modern entrepreneur is generally fully capable of doing much of what he or she could hire a law firm to do, but may need some guidance on the finer points.

This office is pleased to enlist its clients to lay down the foundation for its needs. It saves all parties time and money.

For more information on our office's philosophy see our page at Unbundled Law ... a Brave New World

* * *

Just for fun, below is a link to an Open Source EULA, courtesy of the wonderful Mozilla.org, which includes the Elvis Clause (which I added).

Tcjohnston.com Open Source EULA


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