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The information provided on this website is only that — general information. It is not to be construed as legal advice or relied upon in making legal decisions. For that, you are advised to communicate with an attorney. Mr. Johnston is such a person, and can be contacted easily at info@tcjohnston.com, or at the address or number on the "contact" page.

T.C. Johnston, LL.M. Licensure

Mr. Johnston is licensed to practice law only in California. Therefore he does not give personalized legal advice unless he has information verifying that the matter is within an appropriate jurisdiction for his licensure.

There are varying types of cases Mr. Johnston can prosecute or defend in other jurisdictions, including ICANN Domain Name Dispute actions, and some Federal actions. And he can participate and aid in transactional matters, including negotiating and drafting contracts, domain name sales and purchases, filing of Trademarks and Copyrights, etc.

Plus, he knows a good deal about a lot of other stuff, and is not embarrassed when he does not have an answer (because he knows where to look it up). So go ahead and ask.

Please be advised that even if we give personal legal advice, until we enter into a written agreement of representation, this office does not represent you and will not take any action on your behalf.

Statute of Limitations

Most legal claims are governed by a statute of limitations. Failure to timely file a claim may bar you from later asserting your rights. The time limits vary depending on the type of claim, but can be fairly brief. Therefore, if you wish to pursue your claim, you should do so promptly

T.C. Johnston, LL.M., Basic Code of Ethics

Mr. Johnston has some computers and an advanced law degree. But really, all he has is his reputation as a straightforward and honest attorney/litigator. So he abides by a few simple rules regarding his, his associates, and his clients' behavior. They make his job easier, help him sleep at night, and ensure he is not representing the wrong party. In sum:

  • Always Tell the Truth: Mr. Johnston will not lie to you, or lie to the Court on your behalf. And he does not want you lying to him. Even if you think it will help your case, lies almost always come back to bite you one way or another. And when you tell the truth, it's easy to remember what you said before.
  • If You Want to Bully Someone, Do Not Hire This Law Firm: We are here to address issues and resolve problems — not to bully people. If you want a TV-type lawyer who pounds his fist on the table, we are not the law firm for you.
  • We Do Not Make Threats, We State Facts: We are fully ready and willing to institute or defend a full-blown litigation on your behalf. But litigation should be a last resort. If you want us to threaten someone with a lawsuit, it will need to have merit, a factual basis, and we need the authority to follow through and actually bring the suit. We are happy to send a Cease and Desist, or "lawyer letter" - but only if there is some substance to it.
  • We Do What We Say We Will Do: We often get head-scratching communications from parties who seem to be stunned by the idea that we did what we said we would when they didn't do what we asked of them. This appears to be the scourge of our generation — many people don't mean what they say. Well, we do.

Please understand that in relation to your matter, you could be entirely right, or entirely wrong, and are more likely somewhere in the middle. We are here to zealously advocate for and protect your rights, whether you are plaintiff or defendant, liable or not.

What we will not do is undercut the integrity of the law or our profession, or propagate lies or untruths to help your case. If that is the sort of counsel you seek, please kindly go elsewhere.


Mr. Johnston does not like raisins. However he is a fair-minded and equal-opportunity attorney who can fully prosecute or defend a case on its merits, without regard to any personal bias he or the members of his office may have.

If your case involves raisins, Mr. Johnston promises to set aside any personal prejudices and to vigorously and zealously prosecute or defend your action to the full extent of his ability, without regard to the fact that raisins are involved.


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