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Small Corporation Transactions & Consulting

We have extensive experience in setting up and maintaining small California Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).  These business entities are designed to protect the owners of the company from personal liability if the activities of the business raise liability issues.  Further, many companies are reluctant to do business with parties operating under only a dba, so a Corporation or LLC can provide a business advantage in dealings with others.

We can advise whether a Corporation or an LLC is the best option for your particular business, and will take the steps required to create your entity.  We will also advise of steps you should take to ensure that you are complying with State and Local government law, as well as ways to further protect your personal and business interests.

Finally, we will help you maintain the legitimate status of your business by either filing future-required documents on your behalf, or advising you on the steps required to do it yourself.        

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