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General Business Litigation & Consulting

Business is mostly about contracts among parties. We have much experience reading, reviewing, and writing contracts. It is always a tedious task. But an unambiguous contract can help avoid future problems. We write fair contracts geared toward all parties’ best interests, and review those provided by you from outside parties to try to protect your best interests.

Contracts are prone to be breached. More often than not, some ambiguity in the drafting creates a rift between parties that can lead to a lawsuit. Our main goal is to resolve any such disagreement prior to litigation, so the parties can get on with business.

If disagreement or other business issues arise (e.g., fraud, warranty issues, etc.), we have and will litigate any cause with merit on your behalf, or defend you if necessary. We have litigated against major corporations, insurance companies, health-care providers, and many smaller entities.

We look to resolution first, but will do what needs to be done to resolve the situation.        

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